Endogenous started as an idea from a medical doctor trained under the NHS with an interest in using preventive health to distrupt the way we manage chronic disease and preventing chronic disease from occuring at all!


The blueprint of our genes and cells speak loudly about how we are naturally created and what fuels best keep us in top shape, however we often turn to pharmaceutical medicines for help. In fact we often neglect our own in built antioxidants and defence systems when it comes to preventive health in general.


Plant based (exogenous) antioxidants are excellent and well researched however a growing body of evidence is pointing towards our natural in built defence systems called endogenous antioxidants and little is known about them just yet....... but that's about to change.


We are partnering with mental health, heart health and anti aging organisations to disseminate this increasing body of evidence for the benefit of their patients and clients.


Endogenous offer intravenous antioxidant therapy over a 4 week course to restore what has been used up. We get the bodies defence mechanisms reignited and help introduce you to a healthy lifestye such as diet and exercise to maintain the changes.


Intravenous therapy is only a top up measure to ensure optimum bioavailability of the antioxidants and quench the fire but we expect a good diet and healthy lifestyle to be the foundation for maintenance of health and wellbeing into the future.



Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body.

Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules with an uneven number of electrons making them unstable and causing them to set off large chain chemical reactions in your body - this is  called oxidation leading to inflammation. 

Similar to a sliced apple left out in the sun it quickly turns bad through the process of Oxidation, the same can happen within us when the level of oxidative stress outweighs our antioxidant capacity.

Like environmental sustainability our cells also need to be sustained through the recycling of our endogenous antioxidants, in disease states we become depleted but this doesn't have to be the end we can top up from time to time.




Endogenous means a substance which  originates from within  an organism, tissue, or cell. Endogenous substances contrast with exogenous ones, such as drugs formulated by the pharmaceutical industry or found only in foods which we have to ingest.


We have chosen to focus our therapeutics on replacing depleted stores of endogenous substances which we're all naturally born with  to protect us. Unfortunately through life events, stress and aging their levels can be prematurely depleted leading to oxidative stress which is the underlying cause of many mind and body pathologies.